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The share of vaccinated staff on Russian Crab vessels has reached 100%

20 October 2021

94% of Russian Crab Company Group’s employees are immune to the new coronavirus infection. 100% of the ship crews and more than 80% of the office staff are vaccinated. Is planned to vaccinate all employees of the company who have no contraindications to vaccination by November 15th.

"The ship crews have confirmed immune protection status. Russian Crab Company Group is the largest crab harvesting and crab exporting company in the Far East. Responsibility related to biological resources harvesting, preservation of jobs and implementation of Keel Quota State Program for the construction of New fishing fleet require continuous work and reliable protection from the infection, "said Alexander Sapozhnikov, the General Director of the Russian Crab Company Group.

During the entire period of the pandemic the Russian Crab Company Group conducts regular PCR testing and antibody testing for employees and provides with two-week observation for the ship crews. COVID-19 prevention measures are taken at all the company’s facilities.

For 9 months of 2021, Company’s expenses for providing protection measures against a new coronavirus infection amounted to 29.9 million rubles.

In 2020, the Russian Crab Company Group allocated more than 40 million rubles for protection measures against COVID-19. These funds were used to purchase personal protective equipment, thermometry and air disinfection equipment, regular PCR testing, as well as disinfection of ships and premises and crew’s observation.

As a result of preventive measures, there were no outbreaks of the virus in Company’s offices and vessels. The export activities of the Company are carried out without interruption due to strict adherence to the recommendations of Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights and the departments of importing countries to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection and ensure product safety.

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