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Yulia Yurova is appointed the Director General of Russian Crab Group of Companies

25 April 2024

Alexander Sapozhnikov, who has been the head of the company since 2020, is leaving office due to the expiration of his employment contract.

Under his direction, the company has become the industry leader, has significantly increased the catching fleet and production output, it is successfully implementing the program for the construction of new crab fishing vessels at Russian shipyards.

Since April 25, 2024, Yulia Yurova, who previously held the position of the Deputy Director General for Commercial Affairs in the company, has been appointed the Director General of Russian Crab Group of Companies. Yulia Borisovna has significantly contributed in the development of sales and promotion of the company’s products in the world markets.

“The Board of Directors highly appreciates the results Alexander Anatolyevich has achieved, which is particularly important in the current challenging economic environment. We are very grateful to Alexander Anatolyevich for his contribution to the development of the company and the formation of a highly professional management team. Yulia Yurova has proved herself as effective and ambitious top manager, and has successfully built a key commercial function for the company by significantly increasing product sales despite the US trade embargo. Yulia Borisovna will continue to implement the business strategy approved by the Board of Directors with a focus on sales markets development and new fleet construction,” commented the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Russian Crab Group of Companies Evgeny Orlov.

Since 2024, a crab catching quota of Russian Crab Group of Companies has exceeded 18 th. tons. The company owns the largest crab fishing fleet of 39 vessels in the Far East, including a new crab catcher built under the investment quota program. Another nine vessels are at various stages of construction at Russian shipyards. In April 2024, the contracts were signed for the construction of six more vessels following the second phase of investment quotas.

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