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Russian Crab Company Group expanded its line of cooked frozen crab products

14 February 2022

Processor vessel factories of Russian Crab Company Group started the production of golden king crab abdomens.

«Mastering the abdomen production technology is the company’s step towards the deep processing of raw materials. Russian Crab Company Group is striving for a more sustainable and efficient use of the valuable biological resource. With the simultaneous production of cooked frozen sections and abdomens, the yield of the finished products increased by 2.5%», said Alexander Sapozhnikov, General Director of Russian Crab Company Group.

The product meets the market needs and has its own buyers. Gastronomic qualities of abdomen are appreciated by consumers from the USA, Europe and Japan. This part of the crab is used to make bisque soups, steaks and crab sticks. The customer of the first batch has become the US company Great Northern Products.

Golden king crab is one of the king crab species. It is harvested by Russian Crab Company Group in the Sea of Okhotsk. In 2022, the company’s quota for this crab species amounts to 541 tons.

Company profile:

Russian Crab Company Group is one of the leading crab harvesting companies in Russia, the largest in the Far East. In 2022, the group owns a quota of 11,76 thousand tons of crab. Crabs are harvested by its own fleet. The company’s current fleet consists of 25 vessels. The group is engaged in harvesting in the Bering sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Sea of Japan. Harvesting species are red king crab, golden king crab, blue crab, snow crab opilio and Bairdi snow crab, hair crab. Live and cooked frozen products are exported to  China, South Korea, Japan, USA and EU.

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