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Russian Crab Company Group reports Operational results for the first quarter 2021

9 April 2021

According to the First Quarter Operational results, the Russian Crab Company ensured significantly high indicator of crab catch volume. The Group harvested more than 2.4 thousand tons, which is 19% more than the same period last year. At the end of the quarter the Company’s share in the total volume of crab catch in the Far Eastern Basin was 21%.

In the period from January to March, the Russian Crab harvested Opilio snow crab, Blue King crab, Golden King crab, and Horsehair crab in Primorskiy, West Kamchatka and West Bering Sea subzones of the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean.

Russian Crab remains the leader among Far Eastern crab harvesting companies in the supply of live crab to China. In the first quarter, Company already exported 835 tons of live Opilio snow crab, Blue King crab and Horsehair crab to the country.

Russian Crab Group continues to expand its market reach. In March, the first shipment of a Blue King crab was organized to the European Union. In addition, a pilot project for the supply of King crab to the domestic market has been started.

As part of the «keel quota» investment program, the Company continues to build a new Crab Fleet. In February, the keel of the third crab vessel designed for catching and transporting live crab was laid at the Onega Shipyard. In March, the keel of the first crab-processor was laid at the Oka Shipyard. The construction of all vessels is carried out on a timely and contractual basis.

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