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The Russian Crab Company Group announces Production Results for the First quarter of 2020

28 April 2020

The Russian Crab Company Group 1st Quarter Results show high volumes of crab catch. The Company Group produced more than 2 thousand tons of crab that is 21% of the total catch for all enterprises engaged in crab fishing industry in the Far Eastern region. The total production volume of all market participants for the reporting period amounted as 9.5 thousand tons.

In 2020, The Russian Crab Company Group owns 12.97 thousand tons of crab catch quotas in the Far Eastern subzones. This is 19% of the total allowable catch for all types of crab and is the largest share among the owners of quotas for crab production within the region.

The Company fully performs its production program and has already reached 100% quota’s utilization for the following: Opilio Bairdi crab in the West Bering Sea and Karaginsky subzone; Golden King crab in West Kamchatka subzone; Blue King crab in the West Kamchatka and West Bering Sea subzones as well as Opilio crab in Karaginsky subzone. Quota utilization for Hair crab in Primorsky subzone is completed by 80%. Currently, “The Russian Crab Company Group” is actively fishing for Opilio crab in the North Okhotsk Sea Subzone.

According to the first quarter data provided by the Company, “The Russian Crab Company Group” became the only supplier of live Hair crab for Japan market and the leading supplier for China market among the regional crab-producing companies.

It should be noted that Onega Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant JSC as a partner of The Russian Crab Company Group started the construction of one of the seven modern fishing vessels designed for catching and transporting live crab as a part of the Investment Quota Program.

At the moment, the fleet of The Russian Crab Company Group consists of 19 vessels. The Company’s operations are provided by nearly 700 employees.

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