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Russian Crab Company Group reports Annual Operational results for 2021

21 February 2022

The largest crab harvesting company in the Far East and one of the leading in Russia, Russian Crab Company Group reports on annual operational results 2021.

From January to December, Company’s fleet harvested 12,533 tons of crab, which is 18% of the total crab catch within Far Eastern fishery basin. The company has mastered 99.5% of the quotas allocated for 2021.The total allowable catch in the Far Eastern Basin was revised by the Federal Agency for Fisheries, and the volume of investment quotas available for development in 2021 by Russian Crab Company was reduced.

Last year, the supply of live crab increased by 7% compared to 2020. 5,731 tons of crab were exported to China and South Korea. United States and Japan traditionally stayed the main export destinations for coked frozen products in 2021. Additionally, European Union was opened as a new sales market. According to the annual results, the share of Russian Crab Company supplies remains 13% in the all-Russian export supplies of crab.

In October 2021, the jury of the Russian Award «Exporter of the Year» (included to the national project «International Cooperation and Export») recognized Russian Crab Company as Exporter of the year in the field of agro-industrial complex.

«Russian Crab Company continues its steady development. Emphasis was placed on improving the quality of cooked-frozen products, that was recognized by key buyers from the USA and Japan. In 2022, we will continue to work with crab products, including using technologies for its deep processing. At the moment, the production of Brown king crab has been launched at the crab processors, which allows for a more rational and efficient use of a valuable bioresource and expand the geography of crab meat consumption,» said Alexander Sapozhnikov, General Director of Russian Crab Company Group.

During 2021, the Company continued construction of its new fleet at Russian shipyards as part of investment quota program. The Onega shipbuilding and ship repair plant constructs seven crab vessels designed for harvesting and transporting live crab (project 5712LS). Three additional crab processors are being constructed by the Oka Shipyard (project 5712P).

At the moment, all 10 vessels ordered by Russian shipyards are in varying readiness phase. The lead vessel «Captain Alexandrov» was launched on January 27th at the Onega Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant. The metal for the construction of the last ship in the order was cut in November 2021. The project is being implemented within the contract period.

Launching new crab harvesting vessels in 2023 will start the systematic replacement of the company’s existing vessels with more modern and technologically advanced ones that provide higher productivity, environmental friendliness and safety of fishing, as well as improved working conditions for the crews.

For reference:

Russian Crab Company Group is the largest crab harvesting company in the Far East and one of the leading in Russia. The Company’s annual quota for 2022 is 11,76 thousand tons. Operating fleet of the company consists of 25 vessels. Russian Crab Company harvests Red King Crab, Blue King Crab, Brown King Crab, Opilio Snow Crab and Horsehair Crab in Okhotsk Sea, Bering Sea and the Sea of Japan. The company is the largest supplier of King crabs in the Far East. Live and cooked-frozen products are exported to China, South Korea, Japan, the USA and the EU.

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