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Russian Crab Company Group reports operational results for the third quarter of 2020

12 October 2020

By the end of third quarter 2020 the Russian Crab Company Group reached 79% of its quota utilization for crab catch within Far Eastern Basin. According to the results of the reporting period, the company’s catch amounted to 10 435 tons of crab, that is 20% of the total regional crab catch. Currently, Russian Crab Company Group occupies a leading position within Far Eastern Basin.

In 2020, the first time Russian Crab Company Group owns quotas for the King crab catch that is 21% of the total volume permitted for catch within the region.

In September, the catch exceeded the indicators of the company’s production program due to the professionalism of the crews and modernization of the vessels. Last month company’s vessel Sartang entered the TOP-3 in terms of average daily catch within the basin, having caught 32 tons of crab in one day. In addition, vessel Ultimat 1, modernized in summer, delivered 76.5 tons of high-quality Kamchatka crab, previously the ship’s onboard capacity was 50 tons.

According to the company’s assessment, demand and prices for premium Russian seafood have significantly recovered. In the second half of the year, importers from Japan resumed active purchases of boiled and frozen products. Previously, supplies to the country were carried out at a minimum level due to pandemic restrictions. To date, the share of exports of boiled and frozen products to Japan has grown to 16% of the total volume.

As part of the investment program, the company continues to build a new fleet. In September, the central block of the head crab-fishing vessel’s hull was formed at the Onega shipbuilding and ship-repairing yard, the construction of the first serial vessel continues.

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