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Russian Crab Company Group reports operational results for the first half of 2020

9 July 2020

For the first six months 2020 the Russian Crab Company Group reached half of its quota utilization for crab catch within Far Eastern Basin. According to the results of the reporting period, the company’s catch amounted to 6,398 tons of crab. That is 18% of the total regional crab catch.

Up to date, 100% of quotas for Opilio Bairdi crab in the West Bering Sea and Karaginsky subzone, Golden King crab in West Kamchatka subzone, Blue King crab in the West Kamchatka and West Bering Sea subzones as well as Opilio crab in Karaginsky subzone have been caught.

In June, Russian Crab Company’s vessel Sartang was the first to fish for the Kamchatka crab in the North Okhotsk Sea Subzone and made its first major supply from the catch of 2020 to the Asian market.

According to General Director of Russian Crab Company Group Mr. Dmitry Trubnikov, despite the pandemic-related restrictions the demand for live crab in South Korea and China remains the same. During first six months 56% and 42% of the company’s export supplies fell to South Korea and China, respectively.

Russian Crab makes every effort to minimize the impact of the situation with COVID-19 on the catching and operational processes. We monitor the health condition of all employees, regularly test them for COVID-19, and observe safety measures.
Mr. Dmitry Trubnikov General Director of Russian Crab Company Group

As part of the investment program, the company continues to build a new fleet. In June, the keel of the first crab catcher was laid at the Onega Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing Plant, and also metal was cut for the second ship. The work is ahead of schedule.

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