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Gleb Frank sold controlling stakes in the Russian Crab Group and RFC and resigned as chairman of the Boards of directors

25 March 2022

Gleb Frank as of March 24, 2022 sold a controlling stake of 70.1% in Russian Crab Group of Companies, a controlling stake of 70.09% in Russian Fishery Company LLC, and a controlling stake in Rockwell Capital LLC.

Top managers of the assets acquired the above shares in the companies: Evgeny Orlov, Anton Chertkov, Alexander Sapozhnikov, Savely Karpukhin and Stanislav Aksenov. The transactions were made on market terms. On March 17, 2022, Gleb Frank resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Russian Crab Group of Companies and RFС. Evgeny Orlov was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of Russian Crab Group of Companies and RFC.

Currently, the priorities of the companies are to preserve jobs, ensure the stability of the fishery and the uninterrupted supply of food products.

«I have made the decision to sell a controlling stake in the assets to key managers who have helped me develop these assets over the past years. I am sure that they will cope with the task of maintaining the operations stability, jobs, and ensure the fulfillment of obligations to buyers of products and creditors without my participation. I intend to focus on personal projects in the Russian Federation, which I will report later.»

Gleb Frank, founder of RFC, Russian Crab Group and Rockwell Capital

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