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A new crab fishing vessel Kapitan Aleksandrov owned by Russian Crab Group of Companies is about to set out on her first harvesting voyage

13 November 2023
On November 14, the lead ship of the new fleet of Russian Crab Group of Companies named Kapitan Aleksandrov will take her first harvesting voyage to the Sea of Okhotsk. Shortly before, the vessel was shown to partners across the industry.

The project 5712LS vessel Kapitan Aleksandrov was built by order of Russian Crab Group of Companies as part of the State program of investment quotas aimed at renovation of domestic fishing fleet and increase in efficiency of development of valuable national bioresources. The vessel is intended for harvesting and transportation of live crabs.

“At this stage, Kapitan Aleksandrov is the first project 5712LS crab fishing vessel in the Russian crab fishing fleet which is ready for harvesting. Very soon the crew will be able to see it in practice”, said Director General of Russian Crab Group of Companies Aleksandr Sapozhnikov.

The vessel visitors were shown the engine room, the command bridge and the system of live crab storage developed with the participation of specialists of Russian Crab Group of Companies. Structural and technical implementation of this functional unit is the hallmark of the company’s new vessels. The system is placed inside a two-level hold and consists of 32 isolated tanks for storage and transportation of live crabs. Each tank is fitted with equipment for control of temperature, salinity, and oxygen content of water, which makes it possible to ensure preservation of at least 98% of products. Hold capacity in terms of live crab is equal to 110–120 tons.

Participants of the event have noted a high level of the vessel’s digitalization: all main parameters of her operation are controlled by digital monitoring systems with system data being transmitted to the bridge and ashore in real time.

The differences between the active fleet vessels and the crab shipping vessel are higher ice class Ice2, standby electric propulsion system, and increased fishing deck. Special attention has been given to the conditions for the crew’s work and rest.


Russian Crab Group of Companies is one of the top crab fishing companies of Russia and the largest one in the Far East. The company’s active fleet includes 37 vessels. In 2023, the Group owns the rights to harvest ~12 thousand tons of crab in the Far Eastern fishery basin. Since 2020, as a result of the first stage of the auctions for investment quotas, the company has been implementing a large-scale program of construction of 10 crab fishing vessels, seven of which are intended for harvesting and transportation of live crabs (5712LS), and three others are crab fishing and processing vessels for harvesting and processing of the catch into finished products at the on-board factory (5712P).

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