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Russian Crab Group of Companies has certified its crab fishery under MSC standards

21 November 2022

Russian Crab Group of companies has confirmed its crab fishery compliance with MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) standards for sustainable fishery.

The certificate, issued on Nov 8, 2022 and valid for 5 years, certifies that Red King Crab fishing in North of Okhotsk Sea, West Kamchatka and Kamchatka Kuril areas and Blue King Crab fishing in North of Okhotsk Sea and West Kamchatka areas of the Sea of Okhotsk complies with MSC standards. MSC certification acknowledges environmental responsibility of the Company and its concern over water bioresources reasonable utilization.

Russian Crab Group of Companies consistently works on improving fishery’s sustainability. All production processes in the Company strictly comply with the requirements of crab population preservation. New fleet construction is a very important part of reducing environmental damage. The project is carried out from 2020. “Commission of modern hi-tech crab catchers will allow to reach the next level of production environmental management”, – says Russian Crab CEO Alexander Sapozhnikov.

The Company plans to certify other crab species fisheries and COC under MSC standards, which will ensure product traceability from catching to the end consumer.

For reference:

Russian Crab Group of Companies — is one of the biggest crab catching companies in Russia, the largest in the Russian Far East. In 2022 the group is holding 11,8 thousand tons of crab quota. Fishing is done by the Company’s own fleet. The Company is operating in the Sea of Bering, Sea of Okhotsk, Sea of Japan. Main species are Red King Crab, Gold King Crab, Blue King Crab, Snow Crab Opilio and Bairdi, Horsehair Crab.

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