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The keel of the seventh Crab-catcher of Russian Crab Company’s New Fleet was laid

5 March 2022

On 4th of March, the keel of the seventh crab catcher was laid at the Onega Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant, the last in the design series 5712LS, ordered by Russian Crab Group of Companies as a part of the investment quota program.

The construction of vessels designed for harvesting and transporting live crab started in June 2020. Totally, Russian Crab Company constructs 10 vessels — seven at Onega Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant and three processors at Oka shipyard. Planned replacement of the vessels with more modern and technologically advanced ones comes as a purpose of the construction, which provides higher productivity, environmental friendliness and safety of the fishery, as well as improved working conditions for the seafarers.

At the moment, vessels are in varying readiness phase. The Lead vessel was launched in January 2022. Completion and equipment installation is in progress.

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