The best-loved among gourmets Red King Crab, Blue King Crab, Opilio Snow Crab and Horsehair Crab are presented in our range of live products

Crab harvesting in harsh environment of Far Eastern seas is a job for a man of spirit.

The huge water area provides with crab harvesting in different fishing seasons, that makes fresh crab available for our customers all year round

On board the crab vessels catching and transporting live crab, crab is placed in containers with chilled seawater passing through a filter system and a germicidal installation. A constant temperature is maintained along with aeration in the tank.

We deliver live crabs to our customers by shiploads to the ports of destination

Distinctive taste of Russian crab is well known and much loved. The geography of Russian crab consumption expands rapidly

Restaurants in different countries already serve Far Eastern delicacy