Harvesting and processing of crab is our job. Red King Crab, Blue King Crab, Brown King Crab, Opilio Snow Crab and Horsehair Crab — we process it right after the catch

Claw meat contains the highest protein content.
Shoulder meat has a high copper content.
The glaze preserves the taste, aroma and delicate texture of crab meat together with its health benefits.

Selected limb sections are boiled in a seawater and then quickly frozen in an air stream at −40 ° C

Our products are packed on board
We carefully lay the crab sections as compact as possible depending on its size: along or across the box
Plastic layer prevents contact of products with the environment
We close the box with branded cover and then fixate it with strong tapes. Ready for shipment!
Premium Russian crab is rightfully considered a delicacy of the Far East due to its unique gastronomic qualities